2017, Samsung smart signage monitor SH37F 37”, power cable, galvanized iron with powder coating paint, 220 x 155 x 6,5 cm

Ph. Elena Genco

Across one of those digital signage displays used in airports, stations, shopping centers and places of transit in general, the whole of 2016 is condensed into 119 minutes flows. Time stops 326 times for three seconds and interrupts the frequency of the passing of the hours and days.

The central counter advances because of the technological and environmental catastrophes which occurred all over the world in that period of time. Earthquakes, floods, eruptions, convective storms, drought, of diseases outbreaks, factorys explosions, oil spills, collapse of infrastructure and other disasters stored by the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters in Belgium, are the catastrophic events selected by Pamela Diamante. She builds a device that makes us feel the paradox of the event, the ever expected and dreaded event that helps to order and sense the passing of days.

While time passes quickly as a metaphor of the overabundance of information that goes beyond the human ability to memorize it, the only trace of sensory reality – which is independent from the technological medium that transmits

it– lies in the breakage of linearity. Moments of crisis and uncertainty have always characterized humaan’s life both individually and as a collective. They need a comprehension that now, more then ever– and like in 2016 is linked to a medium, the display, which at the same time recalls and exorcises the traumatic event through distance.

Extract from Giulia Bortoluzzi e Maria Villa ,

Pamela Diamante, 2016