2016,  video installation, different materials, dimensions variable

Ph. Serena Zanchi / Stefano Ciannamea


The video installation 2015 incorporates elements of information and communication, unlikely attributable to the model of the previous century’s media. After all, the only element that survived from the past is the screen, converted into a device we might call the detonator of a “communicative bomb”.
The “communicative bomb” ignites a video transmission, two hours one minute and forty seconds long. The length is appropriate to describe the trend of accelerated time, the passing of an entire year. In the video, one day lasts exactly twenty seconds and time flows under our eyes, leaving us unable to react. It stops only for a moment when a disaster occurs and then starts again with a relentless pace until the next disaster.
The disasters reported by the frame are technological and environmental catastrophes that happened in the world during one year: from earthquakes and floods, to volcanic eruptions and convective storms, from drought and biological epidemics, to extreme temperatures and factory explosions, from oil leakage in the sea to structural collapses of soils or infrastructures.
The artist consults http://www.emdat.be, founded by CRED (Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disaster).

Extract from Michela Casavola, L’universo ibrido di Pamela Diamante,
pag. 29, de sti no, Edizioni NFC ISBN 9788867261031.