“5’ TO INDUCE AN ABSENCE” 2015, Video 5:00”

Where does the ego go when the body becomes an inhospitable place?
The drama of the extra-artistic experiences, and the essence of life itself, become the focal point of this video which explains the absence, a generalized epilepsy and characterized by
episodes of brief suspension of the state of consciousness (5-15 seconds), of abruptness onset and regression, in which the interruption of any cognitive and motor activity occurs
in the subject. Here the body is understood as an allegory, a physical space devoid of consciousness, a non-place in which a simultaneous depersonalization of the ego takes place.
5 ‘to induce an absence symbolizes the need for fragmentation of reality, to realize thatthe artist, breathing in hyperpnea -technique used to verify if the patient suffers from epileptic
absences -, tries to induce a crisis. The action, however, will prove to be a failed attempt to cross new emotional – sensory boundaries, still scientifically inexplicable, forcing the artist to
remain trapped within her perceptive reality.