2017, Liquid Crystal Display, galvanized iron with powder coating paint 93 x 43 cm

Ph. Serena Zanchi / Stefano Ciannamea

Everything we know about our society and in general about the world we live in, we owe it to the mass media. Therefore, we are aware of the simulacra of a “real” world thanks to the images, which come to us through a “display”. It is the fetish of our daily lives, a shield and confined window on the world.

The Black mirrors were conceived in response to the famous phrase by Marshall McLuhan: “The medium is the message, the audience is the content”.

If we extract the display from the screen and tip it over, it is by chance that its specular part is exactly a black mirror. Due to the absolute lack of images and to the visual silence, the audience and society can see their reflection by looking at themselves in the same medium.