“Dissolution of strenght in a paradox”
2015, Video 1:40”

In Dissoluzione della forza in un paradosso two episodes are
simultaneously compared.
The first one includes scenes from the 2011 Sendai and
Tohöku earthquake. It had a magnitude 9.0, triggered a
tsunami and is considered the most powerful earthquake ever
recorded to have hit Japan.
The second one is a hospital recording of a patient suffering
from Grand Mal Seizure, a variety of seizure that is more
dramatic and theatrical and often represent the epilepsy
syndrome in the public imagination.
From micro to macro, these two systems are associated. They
share similar features and, in both cases, forces of enormous
power are released in a regressive movement.
If we changed the way we think about the events themselves,
we would realize that they are actually “relaxation phenomena”
where the energy accumulated is released outright and a
devastating paradox is generated.
In the relation between order and disorder in complex systems,
entropy, change of state and chaos become necessary steps
to establish a new state of equilibrium.