2014, Various materials, cm 200 x 120

In the last six years, physics, genetics and neuroscience have been at the centre of some shocking discoveries: the computerized management of the human genome sequencing, the certification of elementary particles (Higgs Boson), the studies on the links between the neurons of a nervous system (connectome). Successes like the latter are able to design a new geography of the mind or have a relevant impact on the degenerative brain diseases. With a complex display, Pamela Diamante inspects the phenomena related to the spread of sound waves and their interaction with the brain and with the matter in general. However, this is not a common interaction, like listening to any kind of music, but sounds able to drive brain circuits to produce, in their turn, waves of particular frequencies. The effect is based on the so-called binaural beats phenomenon. It means sounds that, delivered simultaneously to both ears, but with a minimum difference in frequency, can generate brain waves of a frequency magically equal to that same difference. Non audible waves that, however, can be visualized, as those shown in the brain’s electrical activity (alpha, beta, tetha and delta), on the track of an electroencephalogram. In this case, they are created by the artist on the surface of water contained in a large tank. They are frequencies below the threshold of consciousness that, however, have the ambivalent power of platonic pharmakon: if downloaded from the web (www.i-doser.com), they produce unusual trips for cyber addicts, and if applied to serious brain disorders they can have therapeutical effects.