Stato di flusso  is the result of a relational process triggered by the artist with a group of people invited to undertake a path of self-analysis and reflection on their own existential condition. Flanked by professionals in the fields of theater and psychoanalysis, Diamante has made 6 videos in which the people involved are still, relaxed and with their eyes closed, intent on carrying out the most vital action possible: breathing.

Suspended in an indefinite time and space, these video portraits poised between stasis and movement, are distributed in the space of the installation, lending themselves to be watched and listened to, making the public participate in a minimal but at the same time powerful,  action. that enclose the essence of vital energy, also represented by the photographic image of the dancing Maenad by Skopas, which, for the artist, is the trans-historical symbol of vital energy, an archetype of ecstasy and frenzy.

The visual imagery proposed by Pamela Diamante creates a suspended place in which time does not flow linear but returns to circular. Here we find time capsules from which the portraits of the “sleepers” seem to emerge, with the doubt of finding ourself in front of individuals from the past or presences of the future.